At Kent Quality Hair Transplants we specialise in the Follicular Unit Extraction technique for hair transplants also known as FUE this method is affordable, painless and scar free. There are many benefits of FUE over the Strip method, one benefit is that (FUE), requires far fewer assistants thus reducing the variables which could result in a problem. There are included sub-categories to the FUE including “Ultra Refined FUE”, “Undetectable FUE” and “Robotic FUE” but the principal of all of these are the same.

PRP Kit for Skin Rejuvenation

  1. Donor Area Identification: Will be assessed for suitability and shaved to prepare for harvesting.
  2. Harvesting grafts: Individual hair grafts are taken from the donor area.
  3. Slithering: Each strip is then cut into individual grafts this is known as slithering.
  4. Implanting grafts: The harvested hair is now implanted into the areas of low density.