At Kent Quality Hair Transplants we suggest that the Strip or FUT is suited for patients who have significantly reduced doner area. Although a small linear scar is left following the procedure the FUT does have the benefit of being able to extract more hair roots per graft which can often give a greater density than the FUE procedure. The FUT method is generally priced lower than the FUE less surgical time is required.

PRP Kit for Skin Rejuvenation

  1. Donor Area Identification: The area is assessed for suitability and shaved to prepare for hair harvesting.
  2. Harvesting the Strip: A long strip of scalp containing hair grafts is cut out of the donor area.
  3. Slithering: The Strip is then cut down into individual grafts this is known as slithering.
  4. The Grafts: These are implanted into the areas of low density.